Funded by the United Kingdom’s Climate Change Unit – The British Embassy, the Asia Foundation’s environmental governance (SETAPAK) program is focused on improving forest and land governance in Indonesia. Good forest and land governance will allow Indonesia’s decentralized governance to ensure transparency and accountability in the management, protection and distribution of benefits from natural resources to achieve pro-poor sustainable growth.

Improving land governance to protect forests and communities in Indonesia

SETAPAK has been working to improve forest and land governance in Indonesia since 2011. The program promotes good forest and land governance in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure that the benefits of natural resources are distributed sustainably and equitably.

Indonesia hosts the world’s third largest area of tropical rainforest, which is being destroyed at a rate of 8,400 square kilometres annually. Indonesia’s peatlands are also a vital resource, yet approximately 120,000 square kilometres have been disturbed, in some places irreparably. These changes are responsible for 80 percent of Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions, which are the third highest in the world. They also increase the risk of natural disasters such as floods, harm animal and plant life, reduce state revenues, cause land conflict, and affect livelihoods detrimentally.

These issues are critical for Indonesia and the world. To ensure that our responses are strategic, efficient and coordinated, SETAPAK works to promote good forest and land governance in Indonesia.