Indonesia’s deforestation rate reaches 1.13 million hectares a year according to new maps from Forest Watch Indonesia

Forest Watch Indonesia’s new maps of Indonesia’s forests offer a civil society perspective of the pressures threatening Indonesia’s remaining forests. Released in December 2014, these maps provide an outline of forest cover loss in Indonesia over the period 2009-2013, as well as the current areas allocated licenses for land based industries.

The maps show that in the five year period of study, forest loss rates reaches 1.13 million ha a year. The maps indicate where Indonesia’s remaining forests have been allocated permits for mining and plantation, highlighting the need for improved governance in the licensing of land based industries, and for improved monitoring and enforcement of laws and policies related to forest governance in Indonesia.

West Kalimantan forest map

Map of West Kalimantan’s remaining forests, overlaid with mining and plantation permits.

Forest cover maps of all Indonesia’s provinces are available for download from the Forest Watch Indonesia website.

Sumatra maps:

Kalimantan maps:

Sulawesi maps:

Forest Watch Indonesia have also produced a report and brief fact sheet outlining Indonesia’s current rates of forest loss.