Tune in every Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm to the Green Radio environmentally themed radio program Jalan SETAPAK. The program covers topics relating to forest and land use issues, including the expansion of palm oil plantations, forest fires, the impacts of mining on local communities, legal matters, and threats to the Leuser Ecosystem.

Jalan SETAPAK streams online and is simultaneously broadcast to seven radio stations:

  • Green Radio Pekanbaru (96.7 FM)
  • Smart FM (101.8 FM) Palembang
  • Kita FM (87.6 FM) Pontianak
  • Gema Nirwana Samarinda (91.7 FM)
  • Grass FM (106.2 FM) Tarakan
  • Nikoya FM (106 FM) Banda Aceh
  • Nebula FM (101 FM) Palu.