Bina Rakyat Sejahtera (BYTRA)


BYTRA works across Aceh and specifically in Aceh Utara to improve forest and land governance. BYTRA’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following forest and land governance themes;

Community forests
Across Aceh, and directly in Aceh Utara, BYTRA is promoting sustainable forest use. The organization is enabling community bodies through support and training to enact community forest management. In order to ensure community forest practices are sustainable, BYTRA is establishing a regional regulation body of community forest management in Aceh.
Policy development
BYTRA’s work also focuses on policy reform across Aceh to support its work in promoting sustainability. This involves strengthening positive forest and land governance laws, such as supporting sustainable alternatives to palm oil plantations, and monitoring violations. BYTRA reviews permits of palm oil companies to ensure they adhere to regulations. These actions contribute to clean and improved local land governance policies in Aceh.