Bumi and the Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) East Kalimantan


Bumi and JATAM work in partnership to improve mining policies in East Kalimantan. Their work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Access to information
One of JATAM’s main goals is to advocate sustainable management of Indonesia’s mineral and energy sources. Together with Bumi, JATAM collects and investigates information related to corruption to increase transparency in mining and other production sectors. They oversee the implementation of land conversion moratorium in East Kalimantan to ensure regulations are followed.
Policy development
Bumi and JATAM are advocating for the protection of areas of ecological importance for local communities. They are establishing a complaints post for community members to report grievances related to violations of environmental laws. This is particularly important as local communities witness and experience violations and its affects directly.