Gemawan is a social justice orientated NGO working across West Kalimantan. Gemawan’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Gender justice
Gemawan empowers local communities to become economically self-reliant and politically autonomous. Their vision for West Kalimantan communities is to be “politically engaged, embody local culture and traditions and are gender equitable”. Their work on forest and land governance is gender sensitive in that it considers barriers to participation and ensures women are engaged in action.
Policy development
Gemawan is supporting the implementation of a conservation district policy in Kapuas Hulu.
Access to information
Gemawan tests access to public information to gage and increase levels of transparency.
Rule of law
Gemawan monitors forest and land use and permits allocated to land based industries to detect illegal land use and corruption. In Kapuas Hulu Gemawan are working in conjunction with HuMa to train community law facilitators. Involving community members in monitoring land and forest use and governance is a positive step towards land security and improved rights for local communities.