Gerakan Anti Korupsi (GERAK) Anti-Corruption Movement


GERAK is an anti-corruption organization. GERAK’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Access to information
GERAK promote transparency and accountability in the mining sector, with an aim to reduce state loss from mining revenue. By investigating government revenue and making findings public, GERAK works towards increasing transparency in the mining and related government sectors. A multi-party forum will be established to discuss mining issues and analyze the regional budget (APBD). They will conduct a permit review of government revenue and pursue grievances through the provincial information commission.
Rule of law
GERAK aims to improve law enforcement through grass-roots level anti-corruption movements, and engaging communities in dialogue and action is crucial to this. As part of their work, they are running an anti-corruption school, to increase the capacity of local communities to be critical and aware of governance in order to identify and act on corruption. An anti-corruption school course related to the mining sector will be run and trained participants will pursue mining cases to report to the KPK.