Indonesian Centre for Environmental Law (ICEL)


ICEL is a non-government environmental law organization. ICEL’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Access to information
ICEL works to achieve environmental sustainability through socially just and transparent law enforcement. They work towards law and policy reform, empowering victims of exploitation of natural resources and strengthening the capacity of NGO’s and civil society to disseminate and environmental policy. ICEL’s work with SETAPAK includes assisting both district governments with provision of information and NGO’s with accessing information. They are also continuing their work measuring good forest and land governance at the district government level.
Rule of law
ICEL is providing training to civil society and NGOs for pursuing information grievances. They are developing an easy to use review module of production permits for use by civil society actors. These efforts improve the capacity of society to monitor the rule of law and push action for change.