International NGO forum on Indonesian development (INFID) and Indonesian working group on forest finance (IWGFF)


INFID and IWGFF are working together to promote changes in banking and financing policies to achieve sustainable forest and land management. Their work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Policy development
INFID and IWGFF are striving towards finance practices that are stronger against corruption and money laundering. They are promoting positive banking and financing policy changes and are developing guidelines for civil society to investigate money laundering in the forest and land governance sector.
Rule of law
To reinforce their efforts to enact stronger forest and land management policies INFID an IWGFF are also strengthening current rule of law. They are investigating cases of money laundering in the forest and land sector to report to law enforcement bodies. They are strengthening law enforcement in the forest and land sector using the Anti-Money Laundering Law.