JARI is an NGO working to protect peatlands, mangroves and forest areas of West Kalimantan. JARI’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Access to information
JARI is testing access to information and promoting public demand of information. Together with the ICEL, JARI is reviewing permits of land concessions in West Kalimantan to ensure concessions are appropriate and adhering to regulations. In Kubu Raya JARI is assisting the supply and presentation of public information, supported with the implementation of public information officers. They are also assisting with the legal drafting of village spatial plans in the Kubu Raya district. Ensuring spatial plans are correct and legal is integral to good land and forest governance. Inefficient spatial planning leads to over-allocation of permits and distribution in protected and critical forest areas. By overseeing the development of spatial planning and ensuring this and related information is available to the public, JARI is ensuring governments are practicing clean and sustainable land governance.