Komunitas Peduli Perempuan dan Anak (KPPA) Coalition: The Coalition of Concerned Women


KPPA is an NGO dedicated to empowering women and children in its work. KPPA’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Policy development
KPPA is advocating the need for improved forest and land governance to pressure Central Sulawesi governments into action. They are striving towards improved natural resource management policy mechanisms and stronger law enforcement in the forestry sector. Advocating for improved state revenue from extractives industries also demands higher accountability from the Central Sulawesi government.
Gender justice
KPPA’s work in advocacy contributes to achieving gender justice by taking the extra step to ensure women and children are involved in discussion and action on social issues. KPPA recognizes the barriers women and children face in engagement with forest governance related policy issues and works to provide solutions.