Masyarakat Transparansi Aceh (MaTA): Aceh Transparency Community


MaTA is an anti-corruption NGO working in Aceh. MaTA’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Access to information
MaTA works to improve transparency in the forestry sector by improving access to information about government policy. MaTA engages communities through advocacy to increase awareness of anti-corruption issues. Communities are trained in accessing information and pursuing information grievances. Encouraging communities to test information provides good indication of the level of transparency in the forestry sector and what further needs to be done to enable clean governance.
Rule of law
MaTA pressures governments from all angles to ensure transparency and eradicate corruption. They are reviewing production permits taking place in Aceh and reporting cases of legal violation to relevant authorities, including the KPK. To enable appropriate action against legal violations MaTA is also working towards strengthening law enforcement in the forestry sector.
Policy development
MaTA is also working to create and support positive land and forest governance policies. They are pressuring government to properly allocate for forest related services in the regional budget (APBD).