Pilar Nusantara (PINUS)


PINUS is a community NGO working majorly in Musi Rawas and across South Sumatra to improve poverty through community participation in political action. PINUS’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following forest and land governance themes;

Policy development
PINUS aims to improve the standard of living of local communities by increasing involvement of communities in local governance. PINUS engages multiple stakeholders in forums to ensure civil society is involved in decision making related to local governance, particularly forest and land governance.
Access to information
PINUS is contributing to environmental assessments to investigate the status and health of remaining South Sumatra forest. PINUS has worked to ensure environmental safeguards are integrated into the South Sumatra provincial mid-term development plan, to protect against environmental degradation. By increasing clarity on the degree of deforestation in South Sumatra, PINUS engage evidence-based preventive action. PINUS also provide technical assistance communities’ in order to increase their ability to access information to land and forest governance.