Sahabat Masyarakat Pesisir Pantai (SAMPAN)


SAMPAN is an environmental NGO working towards sustainable management of coastal and forest resources in West Kalimantan. SAMPAN’s work with SETAPAK falls under the following land and forest governance themes;

Access to information
SAMPAN considers enhancing civil society knowledge of environmental issues one of the most crucial steps in sustaining forest and coastal resources. SAMPAN conducts economic analysis studies in Ketapang and Melawi to investigate extractive industries investment in the districts and the extent of their permits. They are investigating the impact of mining across West Kalimantan. Uncovering the investment level and impacts of harmful production industries in West Kalimantan gives clarity about the severity of the issue and links to poor land and forest governance.
Policy development
SAMPAN advocate for improved mining governance in Ketapang and Melawi, including to push for improved land reclamation and post-mining clean up regulations in these districts
Community forests
SAMPAN is working to strengthen local communities’ tenure of Tembawang forests, and pushing for land reclamation in areas where production permits overlap with community land.